Paint Booth -7M New Phoenix With 10 Hp Inverter

  • Downdraft type
  • Dust free painting chamber
  • Better velocity for exhaust of paint fumes
  • Puff insulated panels for longer life and better heat insulation
  • High capacity burner for quick drying of painted area
  • Service doors for easy access (only in 7 Meter)
  • Improves quality of paint job
  • Reduces rework and refinish job thus increases the productivity
  • Arrest paint fumes on base filters which controls pollution
  • Reduces the safety hazard of operator by reducing the fumes in the chamber
  • Higher fuel efficiency during the baking mode
  • Extractor unit (only for 7 meters , available on request for 6 M and 6.75 M)
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Paint booth has been a mandatory equipment in bodyshop. They are used to ensure dust free operation during the painting process so that the quality of the painting is improved. It has a paint baking facility for proper drying of painted area.This helps in getting factory finish paint quality. It prevents the operator from inhaling the hazardous paint fumes.

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