Have you ever wondered why your car performs like a dream? Let’s explore the realm of auto maintenance and learn about the amazing technology that keeps our cars running smoothly. A deeper look at the equipment that simplifies vehicle maintenance, from replacing tyres to aligning wheels.

In the hectic world of automotive maintenance businesses, accuracy and productivity are critical. With its excellent wheel alignment machines, tyre changers, wheel balancers, lifts, and ADAS calibration tools, John Bean—a trailblazing leader in automotive equipment—takes centre stage. Let’s examine how John Bean’s dedication to quality turns every garage into a centre for excellence in automobiles.

Comprehensive Automotive Equipment Range:

The wide selection of automotive equipment from John Bean meets the various requirements of any garage. They provide high-quality goods that meet the highest requirements, ranging from innovative wheel alignment systems to dependable tyre changers and effective car lifts. OPAL Tools & Equipment is pleased to be John Bean’s top supplier, providing products that revolutionize garage productivity.

Wheel Alignment Machines:

Consider wheel alignment devices to be the unsung heroes that keep your tyres in good condition and your travels safe. By ensuring that your wheels are precisely aligned, these sophisticated devices increase fuel efficiency and the overall enjoyment of driving. John Bean’s wheel alignment systems come with cutting-edge 3D imaging technology, which ensures exceptional precision and performance. Wheel alignment for cars of all sizes is guaranteed by John Bean’s products, which are the pinnacle of perfection whether you need space-saving options or automatic tracking systems.

Tyre Changers:

Take me back to when tyres were a pain. Tyre changers of today save time and effort by simplifying the process of changing tyres. They effortlessly manage various types of tyres, hence simplifying the process of changing tyres. A quick and safe way to remove and install tyres is offered by the selection of tyre changers from John Bean. John Bean provides solutions that cater to the specific requirements of each garage, stressing dependability, speed, and safety. These options range from completely automated equipment to manual options.

Wheel Balancers:

Has your steering wheel ever shaken? Wheel balancers correct that by assessing the weight distribution of your wheels and balancing them out. What was the outcome? Longer-lasting tyres, improved fuel efficiency, and a smoother ride. Wheel balancers made by John Bean are renowned for their precision and dependability. These devices save time and money while producing accurate results since they can measure and balance wheels quickly. When it comes to wheel balance, John Bean is the gold standard.


Meet the backbone of every repair shop—the lift. These contraptions give mechanics the lowdown on what’s happening beneath your car. With nifty features and designs, they’re all about efficiency and making life easier for the folks fixing up your vehicle. John Bean’s vehicle lifts are designed to effortlessly raise and secure vehicles, accommodating everything from small sedans to large SUVs. With a focus on quick and safe elevation, these lifts empower technicians to inspect and work on vehicles with unparalleled confidence.

ADAS Calibration:

As cars get smarter, they need a little calibration magic for their advanced safety systems. ADAS calibration tools ensure features like lane warnings and collision avoidance are on point, adding an extra layer of safety to your drives. John Bean advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration tools ensure technicians calibrate vehicles with confidence. Designed for accuracy, these tools enable swift re-calibration after repairs or adjustments, showcasing John Bean’s commitment to staying ahead in automotive technology.

OEM Tools:

When it comes to fixing cars, one size doesn’t fit all. That’s where OEM tools come in. These tools are like car whisperers, speaking the language of each vehicle to ensure the right diagnosis and treatment. It’s the secret sauce to top-notch service.


Maintenance is the key to the operation of automotive equipment. Wheel alignment machines, tyre changers, wheel balancers, lifts, ADAS calibration tools and those OEM companions are the actual MVPs; they are the equipment that works behind the scenes. They not only maintain the best possible condition for our vehicles but also provide a magical touch to automotive maintenance. Staying up to date with technology guarantees your four-wheeled friend receives the greatest care possible as it continues to advance, making every ride safer and more pleasurable.

John Bean is, in addition, the best option available for individuals who want the best. Their devotion to quality and innovation changes car workshops all over the world, from wheel alignment to ADAS calibration. OPAL Tools & Equipment, the leading provider, is pleased to partner with John Bean, offering garage solutions that improve productivity, accuracy, and self-assurance in all automotive endeavours. Driving greatness becomes a journey rather than a goal when you work with John Bean.