Automotive equipment serves as a crucial element in the automotive repair and maintenance sector. This includes various tools such as lifts, tire and wheel equipment, diagnostic devices, as well as cooling systems. These tools are instrumental in ensuring that vehicles are serviced efficiently and effectively.  In this listed blog you will get to know the importance and the key automotive equipment categories, such as Wheel Alignment Machines, Tyre Changers, Wheel Balancers, Lifts, ADAS Calibration tools, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

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The Importance of Automotive Equipment

Automotive equipment is necessary to safely and effectively maintain and repair vehicles. Using the appropriate tools can enhance the precision and efficiency of repairs, leading to cost savings for both the repair shop and the customer. Moreover, investing in top-tier equipment can guarantee that repairs are done accurately from the start, minimizing the need for additional adjustments or any harm to the vehicle.

Automotive Equipment Categories

When we talk about the automotive industry there are remarkable changes that have occurred over the years. These changes have led chance for the safety efficiency and performance level of every vehicle. listed below are some of the automotive categories that may help you understand better.

Wheel Alignment:

Wheel alignment machines are essential for ensuring that a vehicle’s wheels are correctly aligned, enhancing tyre longevity and steady handling. They use innovative technology to measure and alter wheel angles such as camber, caster, and toe. Modern wheel alignment equipment is outfitted with computerised systems, laser technology, and wireless communication for accurate and efficient alignment. If you want a high-level lift machine with an automatic tracking system or if your company has a small floor area, John Bean products may meet your requirements.

Tyre Changers:

It is an essential instrument used for changing or repairing tyres. They make tyre removal and installation on rims safe and effective. These machines have evolved to accept a variety of tyre sizes and kinds, including run-flat and low-profile tyres, making tyre maintenance easier for technicians and service facilities.

Wheel Balancers:

It ensure that the vehicle’s wheels and tires are correctly balanced, minimizing vibrations and uneven tire wear. These machines use sensors and software to identify weight imbalances and recommend optimal counterweights, leading to a smoother and safer ride.


Automotive lifts are pivotal for facilitating vehicle maintenance and repair tasks, providing access to the vehicle’s undercarriage. They come in various types, such as two-post, four-post, scissor lifts, and mobile column lifts. Lifts have evolved to meet the demands of modern vehicles, including electric and hybrid models, ensuring safe and efficient vehicle service.

ADAS Calibration:

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) have become increasingly prevalent in modern vehicles, enhancing safety through features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist. ADAS calibration tools are used to calibrate and align the sensors and cameras responsible for these systems. This ensures their accurate operation and prevents potential safety hazards caused by misaligned ADAS components.

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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

OEMs are the manufacturers of the original components and parts used in vehicles. They play a critical role in maintaining the quality and performance of vehicles. OEM parts are designed to meet specific vehicle specifications, ensuring a precise fit and reliable performance. Using OEM components during repairs and maintenance is essential for preserving the vehicle’s integrity and safety.


The automotive industry heavily relies on the functionality and precision of specialized equipment such as wheel alignment machines, tyre changers, wheel balancers, lifts, ADAS calibration tools, and OEM devices. These tools not only contribute to the smooth operation and maintenance of vehicles but also play a significant role in enhancing overall driving safety and performance. So if you are looking for some reliable automotive equipment then  a wide selection of automotive tools are available from John Bean for any garage. From cutting-edge wheel alignment systems to vehicle lifts and tyre changers, their goods have been created to the greatest quality standards.