John Bean Wheel Balancer (B100)

Semi-Automatic Integrated Digital

  • Quick nut wheel clamp
  • Semi-automatic data entry
  • Wheel cover
  • Split weight mode
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Trusted Performance Reliable Service

The John Bean® B100 is an easy-to-navigate semi-automatic wheel balancer that helps technicians get through the balancing process effortlessly and add more business to the shop.

Small in size, but equipped with features, the B100 can fit virtually anywhere in the shop.

With an integrated digital display to assist technicians through the wheel balancing process, the B100 allows for easy operation, helping technicians to measure wheels and quickly move through a balancing cycle.

A protective wheel cover adds safety during the operation and keeps the technician protected from flying objects.

Increase your profits and keep valuable wheel service business in-house with the John Bean B100 wheel balancer.

Features Of the B100

  • Integrated Digital LED Display
  • Semi-automatic input of rim diameter and offset with gauge arm
  • Manual input of rim width
  • Imbalance optimisation program
  • Imbalance minimisation program
  • Constant rotational speed
  • QuickBal for reduced cycle time
  • Split weight mode
  • The pedal-operated mechanical lock firmly holds the wheel in every position

B100N: without wheel guard


Additional information


John Bean


2 Years

Max Wheel Diameter

37,8", 96cm

Max Wheel Weight

154 lbs., 70 kg

Max Rim Width

20", 51cm

Power Supply

230V 50/60Hz

Dimensions HxWxL

67"x40"x43", 171x100x110cm


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