Sunshine 3D Wheel Alignment (SP-G6)

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Products Advantages:
Economical standard installation  , easy to enjoy the convenience of 3D technology.
Cabinet can be moved.
Without rims compensation, dynamic measurement.
To read the basic parameters within 1.5 minutes .
To add extensive functions on basis of traditional basic parameters.
standard configuration:
small compact cabinet, DELL computer,20″ LCD display ,Mini Target plates,Three-fingers clamp, brake pedal lock depressor, steering wheel fixer, wedge pads, Steel turntable, turntable transition block.
Basic Functions:
Parameters measurement such as camber, caster, kingpin inclination, toe-in & toe-out, set back, thrust angle.
Extensive functions:
Removing Tire Adjustment(Purchasing Rim adapter),Body Dimension Measurement,
Steering Wheel Adjustment,Engine Bay Adjustment,Toe Curvature Measurement(Purchasing B5 Tool Kits), Lock Toe Adjustment.
Manual  Movable Camera beam
The new slide-type back hanging design Beam height can be adjusted freely  in range of 80-120cm or 200-240cm, suitable to use in variety of platforms.

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