Are you running an auto workshop? If so, it’s important to have the right automotive equipment to provide quality service and satisfy your customers. From wheel alignment machines to tyre changers, there are a few essential pieces of automotive equipment that every auto workshop should have on hand. Let’s look at some of the most important pieces of automotive equipment you need to keep your auto shop running smoothly.

What is Automotive Equipment?

Automotive equipment is any type of machinery or tools used to repair and maintain cars. This includes engine diagnostic tools, tyre changers, and wheel balancers. Automotive equipment also includes paint booths, lifts, hoists, and exhaust systems used in the repair process. Having the right automotive equipment is essential for any auto workshop, as it allows technicians to diagnose and service vehicles efficiently.

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Keep reading to learn more about the essential automotive equipment for every auto workshop.


Wheel alignment machines are essential for any auto workshop, as they are used to keep all four wheels of a vehicle aligned properly. This is especially important for safety reasons, as misaligned wheels can cause steering issues and poor handling. In addition to providing improved safety, proper wheel alignment will also extend the life of the tires and improve fuel efficiency. A good wheel alignment machine in your auto shop is essential for providing quality service and keeping your customers happy.

Many popular brands like JOHN BEAN offer a range of wheel alignment machines with features like wireless sensors, data logging, and 3D imaging. When selecting a wheel alignment machine for your auto shop, choose one with an intuitive user interface and automatic settings for easy operation.


Tyre changers are another essential piece of automotive equipment for any auto workshop. These machines make changing tyres much easier by quickly and safely removing old tyres from rims and installing new ones with minimal effort. They also ensure that tyres are installed properly on the rim, which prevents air leaks and reduces the chances of an accident due to improper installation.

For instance, the QUADRIGA 1000 BB is a popular tyre changer that utilizes an air-operated bead breaker for fast and easy tyre removal. It also has automatic wheel centring, adjustable levers, and a powerful motor for superior performance.


Wheel balancers are an invaluable piece of equipment for any auto shop because they help maintain balanced wheels on vehicles. Unbalanced wheels can cause vibration while driving, which can be dangerous if not addressed properly. In addition to improving safety, wheel balancers help extend tyre life by ensuring that each tyre has even weight distribution across its entire surface area. Having a good wheel balancer like V3400 AC400 from JOHN BEAN in your auto shop is essential for providing quality tyre maintenance and keeping your customers safe.


Lifts are another must-have piece of automotive equipment for any auto shop. They allow technicians to easily access all vehicle parts for maintenance or repair work, making it much easier than working on a car just sitting on the ground or floor. They also provide better ergonomics when working under vehicles and make diagnosing problems quickly easier without bending down or crawling underneath them.


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) calibration is becoming increasingly important as more vehicles come equipped with driver assistance systems such as automatic emergency braking, lane keeping assist, etc., which require regular calibration to function properly. This specialized equipment in your shop will allow you to provide this vital service and attract more customers who need their ADAS systems calibrated regularly to stay safe on the road.

When you buy top-brand products like TRU-POINT™ from JOHN BEAN, you can be sure that you’re getting the best quality equipment for your auto shop.

OEM Tools:

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specific tools are essential for any auto shop that services vehicles from certain manufacturers. These specialized tools are designed to properly diagnose and repair vehicles from specific makes & models. Having OEM tools in your shop will help you provide the highest quality of service to all of your customers.

When you buy OEM tools from JOHN BEAN, you can rest assured that you’re getting the highest quality of products and the best customer service available.


All six pieces of essential automotive equipment listed above will ensure that your auto workshop runs smoothly and efficiently—and make sure that you’re able to provide top-notch service! From wheel alignment machines and tyre changers, through lifts and ADAS calibration tools—all the way up OEM tools—having these items readily available in your shop will save you time and money too! Investing in high-quality automotive equipment today will pay dividends well into tomorrow!