John Bean Wheel Alignment (V2260)

Fixed Beam Imaging Wheel Alignment System

  • Manually controlled camera movement
  • Fast compensation and optimised alignment flow
  • Advanced notification system
  • Cloud services
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Efficient Process Fundamental Precision

The John Bean® V2260 is designed with smart, productivity-enhancing features that help technicians of all skill levels get more alignments done in less time.
Perfect for independent shops and garages, the John Bean V2260 is built to quickly move through an alignment procedure, without giving up the ultimate accuracy that John Bean is known for. The guided software interface allows technicians to choose exactly what work needs to be done and utilizes a streamlined workflow that removes all unnecessary steps from the alignment process to boost productivity. Our advanced notification system automatically measures a variety of parameters and instantly alerts the technicians to any issues that could affect proper alignment.
An easy-to-use manually controlled camera beam allows technicians to work at their preferred lift height. Use the optional mobility kit to mount the crossbar directly to the cabinet for easy movement around the shop as needed.


Additional information


John Bean


1 Years

Max Wheel Diameter

11"-22", 28-56cm

Track Width

48"-96", 122-244cm


79"-180", 201-457cm

Power Supply

110-240V 50/60Hz


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