John Bean Wheel Alignment (V2200)

Fixed Beam Imaging Wheel Alignment System

  • Customisable alignment procedures
  • Modified vehicles
  • Moveable xd camera beam
  • Mobility kit
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Core Performance Quality Service

Advanced, customisable software technology combined with easy-to-use features and a robust design makes the John Bean® V2200 an ideal workhorse for general repair shops looking to boost their alignment revenue.

The John Bean V2200 represents an ideal balance of budget and technology. We’ve combined our professional, easy-to-use software with productivity-enhancing features like customisable alignment procedures, and custom specification entry to help technicians work on a wider array of vehicles without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

High-resolution cameras are height controllable from the keyboard and work in concert with our AC100 wheel clamps for wheel diameter up to 24-inches. Helpful features like VODI™ and EZ-Toe make working through core alignment procedures quick & easy for technicians of all skill levels.


Additional information


John Bean


1 Years

Max Wheel Diameter

11"-22", 28-56cm

Track Width

48"-96", 122-244cm


79"-180", 201-457cm

Power Supply

110-240V 50/60Hz


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